Lookbook: Autumn/Winter 2020-2021

Those who don’t hear…must feel’.

Photographer: Abigail Ajobi
Assistant: Sharna Young
Models: Chan & Melissa

This project explores the uprise and rebellion of Black British people in UK society, against the stereotypes that have evolved throughout history. It also highlights the corruption and institutional racism of police and the media within the UK. After an inquiry into the Stephen Lawrence case It was concluded in the MacPherson report of 1999 that the police are ‘institutionally racist’: ‘It may be only too easy for some officers, […] to lapse into an unthinking assumption that all young black people are potential criminals". 6.11 Such assumptions are still made today.’ (MacPherson, 1999).

The themes in this project come from influences of racially motivated protests through out British with the most influence deriving from the Broadwater Farm riots of 1985. Although this is an event that is a key moment in British history it often feels like racial events and issues are soon forgotten about or hardly acknowledged to begin with.

This collection uses social activist typography to highlight the subconscious stereotypes and their portrayal in the media. 

‘THEY HATE WHAT THEY FEAR’ is a slogan that was sparked by a conversation had with a family member. The meaning of this slogan was later reiterated in a meeting had with Winston Silcott in January 2019. Winston was labelled in the media as ‘the beast of Broadwater Farm’ after being wrongfully accused. The false description stuck and was continually used. ‘THEY HATE WHAT THEY FEAR’ refers to fearing a culture, or person through inflammatory and divisive reporting or public relations.

‘STOP KILLING THE MANDEM’ is a slogan also featured on the garments of this collection. This slogans came from the ‘Black Lives Matters’ march of 2016. It was strewn across many of the banners, and placards.

The prints assembled mixed with the typographical designs, slogans and sourced imagery together to depict the cycle of racism, past to present. From slavery and whipping, lynching and police brutality, the final outcome, the lasting image is one of powerful, poignancy.

Part of the total profit from each of our collections will go to a charity/foundation related to the specific issue raised in each theme. 

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