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Lookbook: Capsule Collection 2021

'Tier 2' Capsule Collection 2021 Garments & Styling: Abigail Ajobi Photographer: Terna Jogo Assistant: Tomiwa Oye Models: Jayden & Shalesa This season we will be showing in association with The British Fashion Council’s DiscoveryLab in Collaboration with Toni&Guy. The collection is entitled ‘Tier 2’ and explores the discomforts of lockdown and the pandemic through the comfort of clothing and household items. This is a two part collection with part one consisting of ready to wear and part two (due to launch in September) consisting of accessories and homeware. The film outlines a concept that has been so familiar to us all over the past 2 years plus. It explores a couple living together in lockdown, portraying their emotional journey- the bad and the good...

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Lookbook: Autumn/Winter 2020-2021

Those who don’t hear…must feel’. Photographer: Abigail Ajobi Assistant: Sharna Young Models: Chan & Melissa This project explores the uprise and rebellion of Black British people in UK society, against the stereotypes that have evolved throughout history. It also highlights the corruption and institutional racism of police and the media within the UK. After an inquiry into the Stephen Lawrence case It was concluded in the MacPherson report of 1999 that the police are ‘institutionally racist’: ‘It may be only too easy for some officers, […] to lapse into an unthinking assumption that all young black people are potential criminals". 6.11 Such assumptions are still made today.’ (MacPherson, 1999). The themes in this project come from influences of racially motivated...

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