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About Abigail Ajobi

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Abigail Ajobi is a luxury streetwear label founded as a name sake brand by Abigail Ajobi who is a menswear design graduate of UAL. Abigail was born into a Nigerian family of Yoruba origin and raised in the urban UK city of London. Growing up Abigail was surrounded by a mix of rich cultures which influenced her understanding of life and as a result her work. With many of her themes being based around culture and race.
Abigail Ajobi canvasses issues based around race and inequality through print-based streetwear designs that contribute towards cultural awareness. Not only is this a fashion brand with limited edition pieces, but a social enterprise which gives back money and value to the community it represents.
Part of the total profit from each collection will go to a charity related to the specific issue raised in each theme.

Who We Are:

We are sustainable: To encourage a more sustainable way of working, we use dead stock fabrics and we do not use placement prints which helps to lessen waste. We also do not follow the traditional fashion calendar that many of our direct brand competitors still follow.  By doing this we are helping to promote the longevity of clothing and its lifespan in our customers wardrobe. This also means we are able to focus on a small range with great quality and limited pieces which creates high exclusivity. However sustainability is not only in being ‘green’. Sustainability is the part you take to better your environment.
in addition part of the total profit from each collection will go to a charity related to the specific issue raised in each theme.
We are a black owned brand: With a focus on highlighting racial issues and trying to make them better through luxury fashion
Print based luxury garments: Each piece is uniquely different. No one garment is the same and each print is slightly different
Social enterprise: Giving back to our community following each collection theme

Limited quantity: Creating a sense of exclusivity

Our Mission:

To create collections that encourage people to acknowledge uncomfortable issues of injustice that are normally buried or ignored, to empower those without a voice and give back to our community.

3 things we’d like to have an impact on: We want our brand to contribute towards, the spread of cultural knowledge and the eradication of institutional oppression and racial bias.

5 things we stand for: We stand for justice, equality and the spread of cultural knowledge. we support black and minority empowerment, to help the world strive to anti racism.